Prediction for Intelligent Transportation Systems

In recent years we have seen an increase in attention to intelligent transportation systems (ITS) around the globe. It is the technological pillar supporting the operations of sustainable smart cities and improving their accessibility and resilience. In this regard, 5G technology is on the way to revolutionize how we exploit different data sources in our […]

Intelligent Transportation Systems

  Transportation systems, ranging from public buses to private logistic fleets, could benefit significantly from the introduction of 5G wireless networks. The low latency, high data volume, and reliability will improve how goods and people move around. Through Rogers 5G network, it is expected to provide end-to-end connectivity across UBC and beyond. UBC has two campuses […]

Modelling UBC Multi-modal Transportation Systems

Urban Data Lab (UDL), through the use of UBC and open-sourced spatial and nonspatial transportation data, is developing multimodal transportation modelling capacity on campus. The transportation modelling system selected by the project team is PTV VISSIM to develop and examine what-if scenarios of UBC’s multi-modal transportation systems. The transportation modelling will not only consider the […]

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