Smart Sustainability Cluster

In 2018 Rogers Communications announced a three year, multi-million-dollar partnership with UBC to build a 5G Hub on the UBC campus to establish a testbed for 5G innovation in Canada.  Under this partnership the UDL partnered with Faculty researchers in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Forestry, and Sauder School of Business, and UBC operational staff to advance new technology solutions to meet societies most pressing challenges to hit the climate change targets set by UBC.

Image source: Rogers News Releases

The Smart Sustainability Cluster is current focused on three main areas: 

    • Smart Buildings for Energy and Space Management 
    • Advancing Natural Asset Management 
    • Intelligent Transportation Data Platform and Environmental Sensing to Promote Sustainable Cities 

The role of the UDL team in this initiative is to lead the design, development and capacity building related to ensuring the data and data systems deliver meaningful value to UBC and Rogers. Please visit the project pages below for more details.  

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