Intelligent Transportation Systems


Transportation systems, ranging from public buses to private logistic fleets, could benefit significantly from the introduction of 5G wireless networks. The low latency, high data volume, and reliability will improve how goods and people move around. Through Rogers 5G network, it is expected to provide end-to-end connectivity across UBC and beyond. UBC has two campuses – Point Grey in Vancouver and Okanagan in Kelowna. The Vancouver campus is the only example in Canada that manages its own transportation services and roadways. Both campuses are the perfect testing ground for developing and testing new data-driven adaptation solutions before translating them into the province’s larger municipalities.


Rogers-UBC Partnership in Transportation Systems is centered around advancing an Intelligent Transportation Data Platform and Environmental Sensing to Promote Sustainable Cities. It supports UBC’s efforts to achieve its 2050 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction goals from the transportation sector.  


Problem Statements

UBC is pursuing traffic monitoring and planning to achieve air pollution reduction goals and improve safety for all transportation mode users. UBC Vancouver is home to the AURORA Connected Vehicle Testbed, a small community testbed for transportation innovations in wireless communication, including modifying driver behaviour to improve safety and reduce congestion. Connected vehicles may also reduce emissions by promoting smooth traffic flow. Through this research initiative, the UDL will work with the UBC researchers and AURORA team to improve ITS decision making over long, short and immediate time frames through more sensors and more solid deployment strategies. Also, via Rogers 5G, better connectivity, faster data processing can be expected. 


Research Team

Mike Kennedy
Project lead
Post Doctoral Fellow
UBC Urban Data Lab

Naomi Zimmerman
Faculty Lead
Department of Mechanical Engineering

David Michelson
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Jonathan Fink
Portland State University, Digital City Testbed Center

Mohammad Pourmeydani
Transportation Planner
UBC Urban Data Lab

Carson Woo 
Sauder School of Business

Mahmudur Fatmi
Department of Civil Engineering

Anas Chaaban
Department of Electrical Engineering


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