Advancing multi-modal transportation modelling systems

This project is led by Dr. Mahmudur Fatmi, Assistant Professor at the School of Engineering, University of British Columbia – Okanagan (UBCO) campus. Dr. Fatmi leads the Centre for Transportation and Land Use Research (CeTLUR) group at UBCO. CeTLUR team contributes to different domains of transportation planning research including transportation and land use interaction, activity-based modeling, autonomous and shared mobility, environmental modelling, road safety, and survey design and methods. CeTLUR contributes by developing econometric models to analyze individuals travel behavior, agent-based models to microsimulate urban system, and data-driven models for transportation planning applications. In this project, CeTLUR research team is targeting to develop transportation simulation models for urban region to test the impact of alternative futuristic ITS scenarios on transportation network such as travel time, and the urban environment such as GHG emission. This project encompasses the development of a macro- and micro-level transport simulation model. The models will be developed considering UBC-Okanagan as the test bed. To date, the team has developed the base macro-level travel demand forecasting model for the UBCO campus. For example, the logit modeling formulation for simulating the mode choice decision component has been estimated. The team is currently working on calibrating and validating the simulation model, followed by the testing of several futuristic what-if scenarios such as the effects of different penetration rates of autonomous vehicle and zero-emission vehicle, and the effect of virtual workplace and school on traffic network on travel time and GHG emission.

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