Smart Building Energy and Space Management

UBC is the first 5G smart campus in Canada enabled by Rogers 5G network and a multi-million dollar partnership to fund academic research in 5G applications and applied sciences. To demonstrate the importance of 5G networks in the creation of smart buildings, this project focuses on an important subset of applications – energy and space management. […]


The Urban Data Lab (UDL) is attending the 2020 UBC Research Computing Summer Sessions August 17-28, 2020. This event will be research-focused introductions to GNU/Linux, Jupyter, software development practices as well as intermediate-level sessions on topics such as Software configuration management and using the GPU capabilities of UBC’s Sockeye high-performance computing (HPC). Advanced Research Computing […]

Leveraging Energy Data for Sustainable Buildings

Urban Data Lab (UDL) gained data access to live-streaming building energy datasets from UBC Energy and Water Services (EWS). The data is stored in UDL’s InfluxDB instance and made available to students, researchers and operational staff at UBC as part of UBC’s Campus as a Living Lab Initiative. The SKYSPARK database on UDL’s InfluxDB instance […]

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