Smart Building Energy and Space Management

UBC is the first 5G smart campus in Canada enabled by Rogers 5G network and a multi-million dollar partnership to fund academic research in 5G applications and applied sciences. To demonstrate the importance of 5G networks in the creation of smart buildings, this project focuses on an important subset of applications – energy and space management. […]

Smart Sustainability Cluster

In 2018 Rogers Communications announced a three year, multi-million-dollar partnership with UBC to build a 5G Hub on the UBC campus to establish a testbed for 5G innovation in Canada.  Under this partnership the UDL partnered with Faculty researchers in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Forestry, and Sauder School of Business, and UBC operational staff to advance new technology […]


In September 2019, the Urban Data Lab (UDL) was formed through a Campus as Living Lab grant to advance the data access, data management and data analytics capabilities on campus with the goal of addressing campus-wide sustainability challenges. The objective of UDL is to Provide open access of UBC sustainability data to researchers, policymakers and […]


RESEARCH THEMES NATURAL ASSETS BUILDINGS TRANSPORTATION DATA CATALOG Sustainability Data 5G Sustainability Cluster Mentorships RECENT PROJECTS Intelligent Transportation Systems Mohammad Pourmeydani January 26, 2021 Transportation systems, ranging from public buses to private logistic fleets, could benefit significantly from the introduction of 5G wireless … View Project Natural Assets: Advancing a 5G Framework for Natural Asset […]

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